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General Information about PCT-ROAD Demo System

  • What is PCT-ROAD Demo system?
  • What needs to be prepared to use the Demo system?
  • Matters that require attention and some constraints in using the Demo system


1. What is PCT-ROAD Demo system?



Figure 1: Diagram of PCT-ROAD demo system

The PCT-ROAD demo system operated by WIPO makes it easy for receiving Offices (ROs) to experience major features of PCT-ROAD system (further details at without PCT-ROAD S/W installation or system maintenance at ROs.  

The demo system provides a web-based service and it is available at Any person from ROs can access the system with the web browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer. ROs can investigate the feasibility and suitability of PCT-ROAD S/W with this demo system before the deployment of a PCT-ROAD system at their own promises. Moreover, the demo system will be used as a common environment to test and enhance the PCT-ROAD S/W together with ROs and to establish a direction of PCT-ROAD S/W development with the feedback from ROs in a user friendly way. The demo system can be used as a hands-on exercise training tool.

2. What need to be prepared to the demo system?

The detailed information on using PCT-ROAD demo system is explained in the user manual.


2.1 A user account

A valid account is required to use the PCT-ROAD demo system. To request the account, you need to send an e-mail to with the information such as RO name(organization), last name, first name, department, job title, telephone number, e-mail address, preferable user ID.


2.2 System requirements of user PCs

The Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Acrobat Reader are two essential applications to be installed in a user PC. Currently the system supports only Microsoft Internet Explorer. The system may not work correctly with other browsers and we may not be able to give assistance in these cases.

  • Main processor & RAM of a user PC: Pentium IV or higher & 1GB or higher recommended
  • Internet Connection
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP 2 or higher (Version 8 is recommended)

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) 7.0 or higher (Version 9.0 is recommended)

  • Optimal monitor resolution: 1024*768


2.3 Sample PCT international applications (IAs) for testing

Users can start to test the functions and the features of PCT-ROAD demo system with the following test IAs. Please download them at your local hard drive and upload them in the demo system during your test



3. Matters that require attention and some constraints in using the demo system


  • PCT applications before the international publication should not be uploaded for testing because the PCT-ROAD demo system is open to staff from several ROs    
  • The system is shared by many users from various ROs with the same RO setting (RO/IB) and thus some settings such as currency, fee, ISA, etc are different from those of a specific RO    
  • Only English version is currently available    
  • The receiving office is set as RO/IB    
  • The roles of users are limited as formality examiners and receiving officers



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