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WIPO Awards Program

By celebrating the achievements of inventors, creators and innovative companies around the world, the WIPO awards program aims to help foster a culture in which innovation and creativity are encouraged at every level of society. The publicity generated by the WIPO awards also offers a means to promote wider understanding of how the intellectual property system works to serve creativity and innovation.

WIPO only considers nominations for awards from the organizers of a national or international level competition or exhibition. Requests to participate in the awards program should be submitted through the national intellectual property office and forwarded to WIPO at least three months in advance of the event and should be limited to one award per category and per event.

The selection procedure of the winners is the responsibility of the organizers, within the framework of the guidelines provided by WIPO. The WIPO awards are to be bestowed at the highest level of awards.

Presentation of WIPO Awards at the Seoul International Invention Fair. (Photo: Korea Invention Promotion Association)

Award for inventors

The WIPO Award for Inventors was launched in 1979 in support of the Organization's activities aimed at stimulating inventive and innovative activity around the world, as well as improving the image of inventors through recognition of their role as creators of substantive input to national wealth and development.

Award for creativity

The WIPO Award for Creativity was established in 2001 to give recognition to creators of works protected by copyright and related rights, including the creators and makers of works and productions used in information technology, on the Internet and in the virtual world.

Award for innovative enterprises

The WIPO Award for Innovative Enterprises was launched as a means to promote the use of the intellectual property system by companies and enterprises and to promote public awareness of the advantages of intellectual property system for businesses.


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