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Conditions of Employment

The following information is a general overview of the benefits and entitlements of WIPO staff members. All benefits and entitlements are linked to an individual’s contractual status and may be granted according to the prevailing rules and regulations.

WIPO recruits Professional and General Service categories of staff. Professional staff members are normally internationally recruited for functions which require a high level of functional and managerial skills and involve supervisory responsibility.

General service staff are designated as support staff and are normally recruited locally.

Conditions of employment at WIPO generally follow those established by the International Civil Service Commission whose mandate is to regulate and coordinate the conditions of service of staff in the United Nations common system of salaries, allowances and other conditions of service.

The websites of the International Civil Service Commission and of the United Nations salaries, allowances, benefits and job classification provide more information on conditions of employment.

Salary Scales

Professional Categories and Above (effective 1 January 2010)

Special and Higher Categories

Professional Category

General Service Category

Table A: Gross and net salaries in force as from March 1, 2010

Table D: Gross and net salaries in force as from August 1, 2008, in New York

Post Adjustment

Post adjustment is added to the base salary in order to preserve equivalent standards of living at different locations. It is paid at the single or dependency rate, and it is not subject to staff assessment. It is subject to review by the International Civil Service Commission and can change from month to month.

It is applicable to Professional level staff and above of the United Nations common system of salaries, allowances and other conditions of service. Adding the net base salary to the post adjustment yields the net remuneration, before any deductions for Pension Fund contributions, medical insurance, etc..


Assignment Grant

In order to meet the expenses resulting from the installation of the staff member and his/her eligible dependents, a daily subsistence allowance is paid during the first 30 days upon arrival in Geneva. The assignment grant is intended to cover costs incurred as a result of appointment with WIPO, and is calculated at the rate and under the conditions applicable on appointment.

Dependency Allowance

Subject to certain conditions, dependency allowance is payable for eligible dependents.

Education Grant

Subject to certain conditions, an education grant is payable for eligible dependent children attending a school or university. Reimbursement of expenses incurred by a staff member (including Swiss nationals) for the special education of an eligible disabled child is made under certain conditions.

Rental Subsidy

Subject to certain conditions, a newly recruited staff member may receive a rental subsidy for a period not exceeding seven years as of the 31st day of arrival in Geneva, i.e., when payment of DSA ceases.

Repatriation Grant

Subject to certain conditions, a repatriation grant is payable to a staff member whom the Organization has the obligation to repatriate and who does not remain in Switzerland after separation from service. The amount of the grant is proportional to the length of service with the Organization.

Social Security Benefits

United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund

The United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (“the UNJSPF”) is a defined benefit pension plan, providing retirement, death, disability and related benefits to the staff of the United Nations and its Member Organizations on a global basis

All WIPO staff members become participants in the Fund if the Regulations and Rules of the Fund so require.

A staff member contributes of 7.9% of his pensionable remuneration to the Fund through automatic salary deduction, and WIPO contributes 15.8% to the Fund on behalf of the staff member.

Medical Insurance Coverage

Medical coverage is provided by VanBreda Medical Insurance, which provides coverage for illness and accidents.

Group Life Insurance Scheme

The Organization offers an optional group life insurance scheme to all participants in the UN Joint Staff Pension Scheme. A staff member may choose the amount to be insured which is based on a percentage of the annual net remuneration. The premium is payable in full by the staff member.


Annual Leave

Staff members shall accrue 2.5 working days of annual leave for each full calendar month of service, which may be accumulated and carried over on extensions of contract. Leave that has not been taken may be paid at the end of the contract.

Sick Leave

A staff member may, under certain conditions, be granted sick leave. The limits on sick leave entitlements will vary dependent upon the staff member’s contractual status.

Travel Expenses

Upon appointment and separation

Subject to certain conditions, a staff member's travel expenses, and those of his/her eligible dependents, are paid upon appointment and separation. Subject to certain conditions, internationally-recruited staff members, who are residing and employed outside their home country, are entitled, together with eligible family members, to visit their home country at WIPO’s expense once every two years.

Removal Expenses

Subject to certain conditions, removal expenses are paid upon appointment and separation. 

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