World Intellectual Property Organization

Our Competency Model

WIPO’s Competency Model consists of two main categories, core and managerial, which are strategically aligned throughout the Organization’s recruitment and hiring, training and development, and performance management activities. The WIPO Competency Model includes definitions and effective behaviours.

Core competencies are expected from all WIPO employees.

  • Communicating Effectively: Expresses information and ideas in a clear, concise and accurate manner; listens actively and ensures information is shared.
  • Respecting Individual and Cultural Differences: Demonstrates the ability to work constructively with people of all cultures gender and backgrounds.
  • Showing Team Spirit: Develops effective relationships with colleagues and team members within and across organizational units.
  • Managing Yourself: Manages own behavior in a self-reflective manner and seeks opportunities for continuous learning and professional growth.
  • Producing Results: Produces quality results in a service-oriented and timely manner and is committed to deliver agreed outcomes.
  • Embracing Change: Is open to new approaches and ideas, responds positively to change and adapts quickly to new situations.
  • Respecting Ethics and Values: Acts within WIPO’s professional, ethical and legal boundaries.

Managerial Competencies are expected from WIPO staff with supervisory functions.

  • Creating a Stimulating Work Environment: Guides and supports staff towards meeting challenges and achieving objectives, and promotes ownership and responsibility at all levels.
  • Planning and Managing Resources: Identifies priorities in line with WIPO’s strategic goals, develops suitable implementation plans, assigns the resources and monitors outcome.
  • Promoting Change, Innovation and Learning: Establishes and fosters a culture that encourages change, innovation and continuous learning.
  • Building and Promoting Partnerships: Develops and strengthens internal and external partnerships to the mutual benefit of the participating parties.
  • Leading WIPO to the Future (for Directors and above): Understands WIPO’s mandate and the external IP environment in which the Organization operates.

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